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About Us

                                                    WE HAVE MOVED . OUR PARTS WAREHOUSE IS LOCATED AT 19 / 157  HYDE STREET YARRAVILLE & OUR WORKSHOP IS AT 358 ARDEN STREET KENSINGTON  PHONE 99991342                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      TOM ROGNEDA                                                                                                                                   

Director and National Sales Manager Northern Brake and Clutch

Neil Chesterton

Director and Workshop Operations Manager Northern Fleet Maintenance

Northern brake and clutch started trading in October 1978, our first invoice was to Patrick Stevedores and we still service their brake and clutch requirements after more than 40 years! There are very few businesses that can say they still have their first customer after 40 plus years! Our spare parts distribution is located at 19 / 157 Hyde street Yarraville  PHONE 1800 4EXEDY OR 1800 439339 . Our workshop is Northern Fleet Maintenance located at unit 2 / 358 Arden Street Kensington Victoria and we can be contacted on PHONE 99991342 . Northern Brake and Clutch stock a large range of products for all your motoring needs. Please do not hesitate to call us and talk to one of our friendly team members for any questions you may have, big or small we are here to help.