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We are Northern Brake and Clutch and this is our online portal. Our philosophy is very simple it is always day one and we have three rules. rule number one is to look after the customer. Rule 2 & 3 are the same. We are Victoria's Largest distributor of Exedy products and their first customer in Australia.

We specialise in all brake and clutch components. The products we sell come from Exedy . Aisin / Advics  from Japan DBA disc rotors , Brembo disc pads from Italy ,Hawk Disc Pads from America, Remsa disc pads from Spain  Brembo Disc pads, Ferodo DS2500 from Italy ,FTE hydraulics from Europe and RDA/EBC products .

The Northern Brake and Clutch online store can offer you three things.




Our trade outlet is located at 358 Arden St Kensington Victoria and we have a eight hoist workshop . our phone number is 1800 4EXEDY or 1800 439 339

Exedy Direct operates via email, post and telephone to supply the highest quality brake and clutch components throughout Victoria, Australia , and beyond.

Please browse our specials or call us to find out about more in store deals.If we do not list it and it is Available we will get it for you 

Please email us with your queries or call us directly on the number below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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